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Turn to our seasoned glass technicians  for whatever glass repair your car may need. The trouble with damaged glass is the loss of integrity. Once that rock chips your windshield, call or visit us as soon as possible for the repair before it progresses to all over spider-webbing. No matter the make or model, bring your vehicle in today to clear up your view and get back to a safe driving experience.

Auto Glass Repairs and Replacements

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Metro-East, with a shop that has been open for over three decades.

Our crew's been at this for decades. Trust us to swiftly and efficiently repair or newly install all auto glass in any type of vehicle - cars, trucks, vans, heavy equipment and beyond. We install windshields, door window glasses, side mirrors, quarter glasses, vent glasses, back glasses and so on.

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Repair or replace whatever you need

Sidestep the hassle of having the hem and haw with dealers and mechanics more interested in your nickels and dimes than your satisfaction. We'll get you back on the road in no time with quality service at a fair price. We've been in business since 1984, so we've seen just about every problem on every sort of car around. Foreign or domestic, call today to schedule your appointment or stop in and see if we can provide you with immediate service.

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